About Us

Chiral Laboratories is a research and development laboratory that aligns with companies to support their product development and commercialization initiatives. Primarily support is provided in all key aspects of analytical and product development of natural health products and phytochemicals. Scope of work includes but is not limited to the isolation and purification of molecules of interest, physicochemical characterization of molecules, identification of the critical quality attributes and critical processing parameters with the intent to support the eventual commercialization of active substances and/or finished products. Chiral Laboratories recognizes and appreciates that the development of validated analytical methodologies aligning to the guidelines of USP, Ph.Eur and ICH to support the life cycle of active substances and finished products is at the core of the intellectual property value. And as such works with the companies to help them succeed in this endeavor. 

The lab facility operating out of the Vancouver Island Technology Park, a University of Victoria Enterprise, since 2013 is well equipped to support the research and development needs with wet laboratory facilities for extraction and formulation development along with analytical testing facilities to provide confirmatory and fundamental data. The secure laboratory holds research licenses issued by Health Canada to perform activities involving the extraction, purification, and characterization of cannabis materials as well as forced degradation of cannabinoids in extracts and formulated product forms.

Chiral Laboratories operates on a contractual basis under non-disclosure agreements and is open to additional partnership opportunities.