Product Development

Comprehensive Product Development: Synthesis, Bio-Synthesis, Formulation, Extraction, and Isolation

Tailored solutions backed by innovation and expertise, leading to protectable IP.

Service Breakdowns

  • Synthesis: Leverage our expertise in chemical synthesis to create novel molecules and active ingredients with precision and control.
  • Bio-Synthesis: Harness the power of biological systems for sustainable and efficient production of valuable compounds.
  • Formulation:┬áDevelop optimal product formulations that ensure stability, efficacy, providing novelty and competitive advantage.
  • Extraction: Employ advanced extraction techniques to isolate desired compounds with high purity and yield.
  • Isolation: Meticulously isolate specific target compounds, essential for precision product development and research.

Driving Innovation and IP Creation

We understand the unique IP landscape in the cannabis and psychedelic sectors. Our team works closely with you to identify and develop novel, protectable processes, giving you a competitive edge in the market.